What we do

We provide VAT consultancy, VAT compliance and online VAT training services.

VAT Consultancy

Our approach to VAT consultancy is tailored to your needs – we take pride in getting to know your business.

We analyze your business so all the possible VAT scenarios are covered. The result is always commercial and actionable VAT advice.

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VAT Compliance

We have a proven strategy for meeting all of your European VAT registration and filing obligations.

Our capabilities enable us to prepare and file VAT Returns, EC Sales Lists and Intrastat Declarations accurately and on time in any European country.

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Online VAT Training

We provide online hosted interactive VAT training courses suiting learners of all capabilities, experience and roles.

Our courses range from those covering the essential VAT information to explaining the detailed and complex European VAT rules.

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Why we do it

It's all about our clients.

We like to learn about your business, what you do and how you do it so we can become your ‘go-to’ guys for all of your European VAT issues.

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How we do it

We always simplify the process with expert VAT advice.

VAT can be complicated. But, in whatever we do, we always simplify and decode the mysteries of VAT for you so you get clear and actionable VAT advice.

Establish the facts

First we learn all about your business; what you do, where you do it and who you do it for. This is what we call your ‘fact pattern’.

Analyze the business as a whole

Once the ‘fact pattern’ has been established, we look at your business structure and processes as a whole to plan and recommend the most VAT efficient course of action for you.

Advise you on what needs to be done

Our advice is always clear and actionable: we set out what needs to be done, when, why and how. We call this active VAT management.

Oversee implementation of advice

We provide an unrivalled personal service for our clients. Once we give you our advice, we support you along the way to ensure recommendations are put into practice.

Review and confirmation of new VAT processes

When our recommendations are put in to practice, we always review the VAT processes and make sure you are satisfied with how it all works. However, our approach doesn’t end there…

Manage on-going VAT filings

We have a proven strategy for managing on-going VAT registrations and filings around Europe. We support US businesses to make sure they maintain their fully compliant VAT position.

Who we are

Find out about us, our people and our experience.

We are European VAT experts delivering a premier service to US businesses requiring excellence from leading VAT professionals.

Combining Senior Big Four experience with unique personal service and unmatched attention to detail, we specialize in providing US companies with business-led VAT advice and support with their European in-bound activities.

Leadership Team


Roger Bevan

VAT Consulting Director


Ryan Bevan

VAT Compliance & eLearning Director


Caroline Heath

VAT Knowledge Director

Who we work with

Just some of our great clients

We are pleased to give our advice to, support and train some great people in a diverse range of growing and innovative businesses as well as Blue chip businesses.

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  • Who we advise

  • Who we advise

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  • Who we support

  • Who we support

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  • Who we train

  • Who we train

We work with many more great businesses

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